September 16, 2003

Ok... Friday was a weird day because I ended up taking a long nap before I actually managed to eat anything. Both girls were up the night before and ended up in bed with us, so I got no sleep. Anyway, when I weighed myself after my nap, I was 1.5 lbs down from in the morning. I went ahead and took the morning weight so that I had some wiggle room.

Friday: -1.5 lbs for the week, 42 pounds lost in total

Inches lost: half an inch from my chest.

Bonus nut: went to Old Navy and bought clothes. I ended up with mens' shorts, since all the womens' shorts were low-rise (ugh) and the longest length is 5 inches (double ugh). I need coverage, people, not exposure! The shirts fit ok, although they're cap sleeves and I felt a little goofy. It paid off when we went to Houston for my daughter's birthday and all of my husband's family was bowled over by my weight loss. His dad poked me in the stomach all weekend, the booger.

8 more pounds to go until I hit my 2003 goal! (Actually 6.5, since I lost weight since Friday. Hoo!)

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Hey! You didn't call me! I need to get some new clothes!

Posted by: JenBen on September 17, 2003 12:13 AM

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