December 20, 2003

Just realized how long it's been since I posted an update!

Yesterday's check-in was great, and today's was even better. As of this morning I have lost 70 pounds since May 30. I've lost 8 inches off my chest, 11.5 off my waist, 11 off my hips, and 6 off my thigh. My dress size has gone down 4 notches, and I'm just about out of the plus size department. Christmas Day I plan not to count calories and just enjoy the food. I'm considering calling the week of New Year's a maintenance week as well, since we will be down at the ranch for 6 days. I think I'll just play it by ear. I'm still staying at 1200 calories or less a day pretty well. I've discovered that if I make sugar free pudding with half whole milk and half skim, it is really, really creamy. I think they put some stuff in it to make it taste rich because you're supposed to make it with skim milk. A whole box made that way is 370 calories. Also, French toast made with store-bought eggnog is fantabulous.

So yeah, still plugging along, 20 pounds ahead of the goal I'd set for 2003. I have a secret wish goal that may or may not happen by 1/1, but if it does, I'll be really excited. More details on that later, maybe.

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