March 16, 2005

Actually went to the gym and worked out today, can you believe it? I stayed on the treadmill for the duration of Pretty Hate Machine. Head Like a Hole for warming up, then Ringfinger for cooling down. Other songs inspired how fast I set the pace or how high the grade. I ended up walking 2.7 miles, which averages out to about 3.6 mph on grades between 1% and 2.5%. And it felt good.

Whatever happened to the weight loss? Well after having gotten sick with some really gnarly sinus infections (plural) plus an infected ear so bad the eardrum popped, I totally lost momentum last summer. I rebounded a little bit; having lost around 85 pounds total at the point where it all fell apart, I gained back 25. Not in total ohshit panic mode, I knew it would happen. I'm ready to carve some headway back into my loss and do it right with some gym time now. We shall see.

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